jugofresh = cold pressed organic juice cleanse Miami FL

At jugo fresh, we care about our staff's wellbeing. We strive to empower the members of our crew by supporting them in their quest for an amazing life. This support leads to better customer service. If we hire you, it's because we believe in you. This business employs great people because our goals is to create something great and that starts with you. We are fun, energetic, caring people who truly love food and health.

This is a new, growing company, and we're actively looking for passionate and caring individuals who want to create great food and a superior customer experience. 

JugoFresh crew members...

...are team oriented and supportive people. We are looking for people who love to make those around them better. This business was started by best friends and professionals, and we support each other like family. If each individual is happy and performing, the whole team benefits. 


...love to work clean and neat. 

Those who take pride in the standards of this operation will succeed. There is absolutely no way you can be too clean and too neat when working with us. Every JugoFresh crew member follows the protocols of sanitation and works to uphold and surpass the standards that we set out to achieve.

...feel great when helping people.
 It doesn't matter if you're the owner, dishwasher, juicer or working at the counter; the customer should feel your love. We believe that the energy given in production and service is passed on to the customer, so take a deep breath and let go. 

...always strive for quality. 
Matthew and Darren have high standards and value quality, and so do staff members.

...love moving with high-energy and performing at high levels. 
Matthew's background is in performance-enhancement, and JugoFresh employees enjoy working towards peak performance levels. Speed and efficiency are crucial to our customers getting high-quality food in a timely manner, so our crew must love to push themselves. 

*Please send a resume with a cover page to info@jugofresh.com to initiate becoming a part of the jugofresh team.