cleansing with jugofresh

who should cleanse?

If you are on this page, you most likely know the answer to this question: people who want to feel and look great! The less work you have to do to digest food the more energy you have. The more nutrients you have the healthier you will be. Less work plus more nutrients equals a younger you. If you are elderly or on medication then please consult your physician before starting a cleanse. If you are pregnant or under the age of 18, you will have to wait.

what is a jugofresh juice cleanse?

The JugoFresh Juice Cleanse is an opportunity for you to take your health and mind-body connection to the next level. The juice is micro-nutrient packed and gives the body a boost of clean health. Your mind gets a rest from the exhaustion of making food decisions so you can concentrate on life. This is an opportunity to make space, get rid of the junk and clean out for a new look and feel to your life.

when should I cleanse?

This question is very personal. You brush your teeth in the morning and at night, but sometimes you might feel the need for a good afternoon brushing. Some people cleanse once a season, but sometimes the body just asks for it. A good time to cleanse when you feel low on energy or your skin isn't looking great. If you feel bloated, a little sick or feel a cold coming on, or you just want to get deeper into meditation or yoga and look like the shining star that you are!

where should I cleanse?

You should cleanse with JugoFresh. Of course we're biased, but we want to be there in the trenches with you while you take your health to the next level. However, if you choose someone else we will love you nonetheless.

why cleanse?

Why do anything? Do it because you want to. Do it because it is good for your health. Do it because you like to feel light and high-energy. Do it because you like to feel hot and sexy! Do it because you love yourself! Do it because its great!


A cleanse is not a diet! You are a unique individual with different qualities than anyone else. This cleanse is an opportunity to clear the garbage and clutter away so you can hear when your body likes or doesn't like something. Our only hope is that you get everything you want out of this cleanse, but we are not selling a magic pill and most definitely not selling a diet. We do sell an opening for life – a palatable feeling of being alive, and a place to be supported. We want to help you feel great, but this is not a diet!


JugoFresh is not an organization of medical experts or certified nutritionists and our staff cannot give you medical advice, diagnosis or a "diet" plan. Nothing in this website content should be taken as advice or diagnosis. We recommend that you do contact a physician before you begin any change in your diet and any sort of weight loss plan. The JugoFresh cleanses are intended for the use of healthy individuals. We warn against the use of our cleanses by minors, pregnant women, or any individuals with any health conditions; including those on prescription medications. If you have any hesitation you are specifically warned to seek advice from medical professionals.