The JugoFresh crew has a free-spirited approach to life, but we are ultra-disciplined when it comes to creating your juices, smoothies and foods. We all know the saying "you are what you eat," but we believe in this as a guiding principle.

When you spend $1 at a fast food restaurant on a cheeseburger, you're getting about 7 cents worth of meat. That's a low-value purchase, so don't be surprised to know you're eating an extremely low-quality product. We always do our best to find high-quality ingredients and make things with integrity so you can feel your best. For us this means 100% organic sources and labor-intensive processes that ensure the quality of every product we make.

Basically we will buy better products and work harder to produce things because we care.


The JugoFresh menu includes cold-pressed juices, life-enhancement shots, superfood smoothies and prepared foods. We make almost everything in-house. Juices and foods are made daily and we strive to create relationships with local and sustainable businesses.

One of our goals at JugoFresh is to change the perception that healthy eats are boring and flavorless. We apply our travels, experience, education and culinary backgrounds to create super-tasty treats for people who need high-quality food to fit into their busy lifestyle. When you step inside a JugoFresh, you can expect a well-designed space, friendly smiles and great service.