sunset harbour walk-in cleanse

what is it:
Cleansing made easy. You woke up today inspired to get clean and feel light. You are ready to start your cleanse today, not wait a week. We get it. Try our sunset harbour walk-in cleanse. You get some great variety of greens to send oxygen throughout your body and make your skin shine bright. The Sunset Harbour cleanse also includes some detoxers to rid you of those nasty toxins and a mylk shake to make sure you get a little reward at the end of your day.

how it works:
The walk-in cleanse is available for those who want to cleanse for 1 day or 365 days a year. Walk in at any time and pick up 1 days worth of juice at a time. This also gives you great flexibility to start and finish your cleanse on your terms. We only guarantee the walk-in cleanse to be ready for 1 day. If you would like to pick up more than one day please follow this link to our preorder cleanse page. The sunset harbor cleanse is available now at our south beach shop. For more information please click here for our hours and location.

* jugofresh is committed to creating tasty and healthy juices. we use 100% organic produce. mother nature is the queen and we are her court. organic produce fluctuates in price and availability. we live in a complex ecosystem and sometimes that means it is hard to get things that are organic so sometimes juices may change.